We have had the pleasure of sending 3 of our 4 kids to Messiah and will be sending our fourth when she gets older. Messiah has been a place where my kids have grown spiritually, through chapel services, memory verses and connection with others. They also developed a solid foundation that made them confident and ready to start Kindergarten. The teachers are wonderful and truly love each of my kids. My older kids love coming back and visiting throughout the year. From the moment you walk in the front door, you are greeted by Mrs. Joyce who always greets you and your kids (and their siblings, grandparents, etc.) by name and with a friendly smile. The check-in and out process makes me feel secure leaving my kid there each day. We are really grateful for this preschool experience for each of our kids. --Jenn & Jake Adamson
The Adamson family highly recommends Messiah Lutheran Preschool in Vancouver Washington.
Jenn and Jake
As a confessed over-protective grandma with more than thirty years of career experience in the Vancouver schools, I have high expectations for a preschool program for my granddaughter, Poppy. In fact, it would be fair to say my expectations are probably “over the top.” Messiah Preschool’s staff has not only met those admittedly formidable expectations, but it totally exceeds them! In order to succeed academically, it’s so important that children begin elementary school with both strong social skills and self-confidence. They need to feel good about the school environment and, even more importantly, good about themselves. That requires learning the necessary skills or attributes to make friends and feel accepted, to be respectful of others (peers and teachers), and to enjoy and take real pride in learning and achieving. At Messiah Preschool, Poppy has developed and honed those very skills. She loves her preschool friends, adores her teachers, and is proud of her myriad accomplishments/successes. She is a happier, more well-adjusted child because of her time at Messiah. Of equal importance, is the way in which Messiah encourages the religious and moral/ethical growth of its preschoolers. The school’s curriculum and chapel experiences concerning God are simple, direct, and powerful. The children understand they are loved by God, and that He wants them to be loving and kind, too. It’s as simple, yet profound, as that. More of the teachers I worked with in the Vancouver District had their children/grandchildren at Messiah Preschool than at any other in the area. I now understand and appreciate the reason for that!
Judy Hermann​
We discovered Messiah Lutheran Church and Preschool on the Internet while house hunting. As a military family, the Internet is how we research everything when planning the next move. We came across Messiah’s preschool when looking for programs in the area with classes for two years olds. This was the last school we visited before returning to the east coast. We knew instantly it was the perfect space and we registered our daughter the very next day! Both the preschool and the church became our second home while living in SW Washington for three years! The director and teachers truly love their work. This is apparent in the care taken to ensure that small children feel loved, cared for and respected. Children are allowed to play and be children while building early academic and social skills that will serve them well in elementary school. God’s love is woven into every aspect of their day, from how the children are taught to care for one another, to the prayer tables in each classroom and the weekly Chapel services. Our daughter left Messiah Lutheran Church and Preschool with a love for learning and God!
Joel and Alyson
We were so pleased with our experience with Messiah Lutheran Preschool. The preschool has an outstanding program in place to ensure its students are ready for kindergarten, while also maintaining a Christian learning environment. The children leave the preschool ready not only academically and socially, but also spiritually. The teachers are warm and caring, and go above and beyond in terms of the time and effort they put into their classrooms and the school. They work well together and communicate regularly and effectively with parents/guardians. If we ever had a question or concern, it was thought about and answered in a timely manner. The school is clean and well organized, and all children are greeted face to face by the director and teachers each day. It was such a blessing to bring my daughters to school there every day and know that they would be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.We will always remember Messiah Lutheran Preschool fondly, and are truly grateful for the education and experiences that were given to our children while they attended.
Brian and Kari
Words cannot describe what a blessing Messiah Lutheran Preschool program and teachers have been to our family. We cannot imagine a better place for our child to have had his first school experience. A safe and nurturing school administered by amazingly talented and dedicated staff. Our son spent two years at Messiah Preschool which prepared him to be a successful learner, have confidence in himself and courage to try new things. The teachers and staff are kind, compassionate in what they do, and truly care about each of the kids. He loved going to school and loved his teachers. My husband and I were so impressed with how the teachers work with all of the students in helping them to foster positive and rewarding relationships with other kids their age while teaching them God’s love. Our child left Messiah Lutheran Preschool extremely well prepared, spiritually, academically and socially, for kindergarten. It was the best investment we could have made in our child! Our fond memories and relationships built at Messiah Preschool will stay with us forever.
Steve and Kristin

Messiah Preschool