Tori Beavin

Assistant Teacher

In which class do you teach or assist?

I assist in the Turtle Tots (2 year olds) Class

When did you start working at Messiah Preschool?


Do you have any pets?

I have two pets at home. My cat Tilly and my dog Denali bring me lots of joy (and cause a little bit of chaos)!

Favorite children’s book:

Curious George
Elephant & Piggie

Favorite children’s song:

You Are My Sunshine

Favorite color:


Favorite animal:


Tell us something else about yourself (hobbies, passions, fun facts about you).

I love to hike, read, and learn new things. I am also currently enjoying playing soccer after a 13+ year break!

Favorite thing about teaching preschool:

Children are so full of joy, creativity, and excitement. I love getting to see glimpses of what life looks like through their eyes, and I am incredibly blessed to witness preschoolers learn, grow, and make new friends!

What is something you have learned about yourself or your faith from your students?

My students truly teach me so much. They remind me to find joy in the seemingly little things, to never stop wondering and asking questions, and that everyone has unique ways of learning and seeing the world. Kids have hearts that overflow with unconditional love, and I see Christ through them everyday. 

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