Cheyenne Leonard

Lead teacher

In which class do you teach or assist?

I teach in the Beginner 3 year olds Class

When did you start working at Messiah Preschool?


Tell us a little about your family.

I have a daughter named London (13) and a son named Hunter (12)

Do you have any pets?

I have a pet cat named Bella.

Favorite children’s book:

The Story of My Feelings by Laurie Berkner

Favorite children’s song:

Let’s Go Swimming and Tooty Ta

Favorite color:


Favorite animal:


Tell us something else about yourself (hobbies, passions, fun facts about you).

I love getting outside to explore as I hike or go kayaking. I enjoy painting and photography. I love adventures and trying new things.

Favorite thing about teaching preschool:

My work environment is filled with the sound of love and excitement. You’ll hear big belly laughs during our school day and little voices shouting with pride,” I did it by myself, Miss Cheyenne!”, as they overcome new challenges. I love that every day I get to witness children explore and discover new skills and abilities and celebrate their achievements with them.

What is something you have learned about yourself or your faith from your students?

This year one student said something to me that really left an impact on me and I think about it often. It was near the beginning of the school year and she had a bit of a struggle leaving mom. One day she came in smiling and an easy farewell from family. I made it a point to go over and compliment how I enjoyed seeing her so happy. She stopped painting and told me, “Yeah, I decided to bring my happy with me today”. In that moment it reminded me that I have a choice to be happy. There are days that things don’t the right way or it’s just plain hard but I can change my perspective and see it in a different light. I can bring my happy with me.

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